Jam Games

Cirkoban^3: Sokoban where you connect wire segments to complete a circuit. Each side of a cube has a different sokoban “player”, and actions can affect other sides in 3D space. Made over the course of a few days

Dream Data: Yumi Nikki-inspired dream explorer. During the day, you go to work doing data entry, and the things you see may affect your dreams. Made over a few weeks.

Sleepwalking Simulator: Control your breathing and your balance to stumble through this hallway to the door at the end. Made in a few days.

The Show Must Go Down: A scripted play happens on one side of the curtain. You mess around on the other side and try to ruin the play. Made for Ludum Dare over a few days.

White Elephant: Solve puzzles to open a giant present. Featured by Extra Credits’ “Games you might not have tried”. Made in a few days.

Recurse Robotics: Drive robots that drive other robots to try to reach the front door of an office building to unlock it. The wireless signal is weak though, so robots must stay within range of a transmitter or drive out of control. Made in a few days.

Attract and Repel: Push and pull on objects to solve puzzles and navigate past traps. Made over a few weeks.

Auto-Miner: An experiment with procgen, you deploy and upgrade robots who will dig a network of tunnels for you. Gems found can be used to build more robots. Made in a few days.

These and more can be played for free at: https://tykenn.itch.io/